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At PROPERTY INDEXING, the security of our client is vital. Underneath you’ll discover the Privacy Policy of PROPERTY INDEXING that covers entire recognizable information shared through PROPERTY INDEXING Brand and our website. Our privacy applies through (website).

Our Privacy Policy illustrates the way PROPERTY INDEXING takes over the usage of services on information users provide through our services, choice, decisions and also the rights you have regarding the individual information we gather, and the security of PROPERTY INDEXING works on personal’s contact details.

However, you are not forced to provide PROPERTY INDEXING any of your personal information by law, and we are immense enthusiast from security point of view. We never share or sell your personal data to third parties in routes other than depicted in this privacy policy. Our objective is to make you understand about relevant significant data about your information rights and ensure that you feel delighted that PROPERTY INDEXING brilliantly handles such personal information. In case, a client, later on, decides not to work with us, still the data provided by you will be safeguarded as per our policy.

The online platform that assists you to sell or rent out your house and apartment, along with the finalization of the deal through a professional realtor or real estate company till end and settlement within couple of days. You can use PROPERTY INDEXING platform for your desired services and “complete documentation". Business strategic planning is the key to prosperity, and we offer the services of each constituent substantially for continuous growth.

Security of personal data
When you use our platform included on our website and join with us or fill up the form, we will require specific personal information for searching your targeted and valuable realtor or real estate company and bring you buyers and paying guests.

In the event that you fill up the form, we would like you to share your personal information with us and subsequent details, such as name, contact number and address of the property that you want to sell or rent out, that will be handled by our trustworthy administrators. In any case, no obligations to provide us with your personal details legally. When the task in process, we would need your necessary details essentially required to process in order to provide you with the access to your service.

Registration & Further Process
After you fill up a form on our website, our account manager will contact you to ensure the status. Keeping your expectations in mind the account manager will hand you over to the relevant and valuable Realtor or Real Estate Company that fits you the best. The Realtor or Real Estate Company will bring you the exact filtered, interested and refined buyers and paying guests (without wasting time on number of visits and delaying time).

Payment process
You don’t need to pay a single penny to PROPERTY INDEXING in the entire process.

For communication and notice purposes we need your name, email address, and phone number.

How we manage personal data
The utilization and security of personal data are utilized in ways such as:
- Retain some of the data for as long as you are active or as needed to provide services to you.
- Utilization of collected data to establish statistical analysis of web traffic.
- To identify potential delicate cases of abuse of the system, prevention of fraud, identify theft, prevention of cyber-attacks and to maintain the operations of the site.
- Evaluate the bounce rate of the audience.
- Utilization of collected data to improve services as per your requirement.
- Usage of personal data to enhance, improve and enforce our terms, conditions, agreements, and policies.
PROPERTY INDEXING ensures to utilize data solely for the purposes described in above-mentioned points. Continuous efforts are being made to maintain accurate and up-to-date data.

Sharing of personal data
Restrictions are made against fraudulent activities. Nevertheless, the personal data cannot anyhow be shared to others except the trustworthy administration and concern staff. However, third-party processors or providers use your personal data for the proceedings, such as refining, location guidance, and your expectations, where their requirements are under applicable data privacy laws, including the United States General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Access to your personal information
Feel free to contact us any time in case of any issue and request for the access to your personal data that we keep about you. You also have an option to modify the updated or incorrect details about you and also can delete them.

Data Retention
Personal data is retained to provide the services and for legal purposes too. We make sure that the personal data are kept for no longer than is necessary for the reasons for which the data is processed and kept. In addition, we can keep unidentifiable data without limitation to the extend causes and reasons. Subsequently, we delete data when no longer need of that particular data is required for further process.

Information security
Our services offer step by step procedures to secure your personal data and to minimize the risk of theft, damage, unauthorized access, loss of data, use of data, or other factors. Nevertheless, efforts are made to secure your details, privacy and level of standard of our organization. Consequently, we are yielding various ways to standardize the overall structure of privacy and security.

Underage use policy
PROPERTY INDEXING does not facilitate the children under 18 years of age. However, we do not intentionally gather information of such an audience.

Amendments to privacy policy
With the passage of time we emphasize to upgrade our system that includes a privacy policy. Little changes will take effect after 15 days, we post a notice on the site. Until the new changes will be effective, you will be notified by our Account Manager in case order is in progress. Please note, in case the implementation of privacy policy is active, entire new legal requirements will accordingly and systematically be changed.

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